Carving From Memory About The Wild

The brilliant artist has the ability to produce his works of art from memory. Normally, artists would do better for themselves by acquiring the real life objects they were using to create their works of art. So, if the artist is doing a family portrait, he would ideally have the family gathered before him. If he was doing a still life, he would have the objects placed clearly on a table before him. And if he was to do a landscape, he would be out there in the wilds or the countryside. And if the jack-saw or chainsaw artist wanted to do a bear carving, he would have to have the big bear before him. 

Yikes! Just how would that be possible, given that the great big bear is just so dangerous. How could he coax a bear to sit still while he carves its massive features out of his equally big block of wood? That wouldn’t be possible, now would it. The animal caricaturist is not likely to trap and ensnare the bear and hold it in a cage while he goes off on his merry way to create a great work of natural art for the pleasure of your porch or lodge environment. No, not only is it cruel, it’s illegal too. He could, however, make use of previously captured photographs or sketches made of the great big bear and work his way from there.

bear carving

Or the beloved lover of nature, forest trees and the great big bears that still (hopefully) roam these forests could just work from memory. It does not need to be exact. Heck, it could even be a turn of good abstract art. But given the amount of time he spends in the forest, he’ll probably be carving a realistic portrayal anyhow.