Kids & The Clothes They Wear

Moms, it is well-known, love to go shopping for the whole family. And if it has anything to do with the little kids in the house, they always carry with them well-meaning intentions, believing in their heart of hearts that what they will be placing in their shopping baskets will be good for the kids. Take the important matter of shopping for clothes for growing girls and boys, for instance. The girls don’t mind tagging along to be fitted out.

They have similar interests to their mom. Like shopping until they drop for cool clothes off the peg that they like. Or warm clothes, depending on the time of the year. Or do they? Now, the boys don’t typically enjoy being dragged by their jockstraps to go shopping for clothes with their moms. It is a girls thing. Yuck! Unless, of course. These days, you just never know. But most of the time, your average every day kid loves to dress up like his or her favorite action hero.

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Her? Yup, the girls too. Most of the kids have their favorite comic book super heroes in mind, and it’s nice to see that the moms do oblige. These are noisy affairs. Loud colors for casual play around affairs. Pajamas remain pretty popular too. And it is surprising to see that there are still kids out there who want to fantasize about cowboys and crooks. Speaking of which, kids western belts can make the boys look pretty smart.

Just like their dads. It is quite normal for a healthy, growing boy to want to ape his father. It happens all of the time. And did you know that they can have their favorite comic book heroes engraved on their belt buckles as well.