A Place Where Pianos Are Re-Born

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They have written songs about them. You know, my old piano and ditties sounding much like that. Sad to note that over the years so many people have had to part with their heirlooms. With no inherited taste or appreciation for music, folks have parted ways with granddad’s fine piano that used to stand against the wall in the living room. Whenever the folks came by for a typical family visit, usually over the holidays and when all manner of festive eats were laid out on the dining room table by grandma, granddad would tinkle away and give the folks a welcome entrĂ©e.

Today, there is a place where old pianos go to be re-born, not to die. And to think that pianos birmingham tuners may have been a dying breed. No, it’s nice to hear that they are still very much a special breed indeed. In order to do justice to the re-birth of an old piano, years of experience needs to come to the concert. Re-tuning and re-building an old piano is not something that you can learn overnight, much the same as learning how to play the piano like a maestro or jazz legend could take some years to accomplish.

Those just starting out on a piano for the first time can have the pick of the keys with pre-owned but re-fashioned pianos, and new pianos too. Piano technicians are tinkering away re-building and re-conditioning old pianos. This brings to mind what it took to build the piano in the first place. Masterful work indeed. Try and find another trade that comes close to applying such dedication and finesse. And imagine that. Imagine having to come in to work in the morning and never rush. There is no deadline when it comes to building a fine piano.